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Biography Else Lindorfer (1917 - 1965), artist

Else Lindorfer was born in Münich in 1917, where she took vocal lessons, studied ballet and the piano at the Opera house of Münich.

In 1937 she is hired by a folkloric music group traveling to the Netherlands where she meets and weds Frans de Bruijn. Living in The Hague and later Voorburg, the family extends with daughter Inge (1939) and son Bernard (1941).

At the end of the war, the couple separates and Else starts a new life with her children and a new interest: painting.  Walking along the river Vliet, or speeding on her solex in the surroundings of Voorburg, Else discovers the pleasures of sketching and painting.

The private lessons develop her technique and also sharpen her vision for Dutch landscapes that breath a characteristic atmosphere, which will inspire Else throughout her life. She regularly visits museums and expositions to develop her artistic senses, and soon she is attending the classes of Jan van Heel at the Vrije Academie (Fine Arts Academy).

Else seeks her own interpretation of shapes and colours especially, leaving a traditional style behind her. The light of dusk on the Dutch polders and harbours of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are loaded with sensibility and often with melancholy.


Else finds another subject of interest in the activity of markets, fairs with ferry wheels and children; all of which she sketches and paints as dynamic scenes and colourful happenings.



During the winter, when the bad weather forces her to stay inside, she works on still lives or sketches the houses of neighbors across the street.


huis dhr Soeter

During her travels to Germany, Paris and the Dordogne, Else discovers new styles and methods. She starts using them and makes them her own.
Some of these compositions have never been exhibited, probably because they were trials that she hid from the public as much as her private life.




Pont Neuf Parijs

Her work is presented in various exhibitions throughout The Netherlands and in renowned galleries in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden and The Hague.
Miep Eijffinger (gallery Martinus Liernur, The Hague) meets Else in 1957, becomes her mentor and dear friend until 1965, when Else suddenly passes away at the age of 48 in her house in Voorburg.


Zelfprotret Else Lindorfer

translation by Charlotte de Bruijn

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